1. Elephants! I got to spend the better part of a day with these awesome animals. They walk like old men, and look like they’re made out of a giant wrinkly bag draped over gangally sticks, but their eyes are extremely human, and their trunks are amazing. I made of video of one of them (the one I rode-Phanom) breaking inch-thick bamboo apart with ease and dexterity, only using what is essentially one finger. The thing that surprised me most was how the ends of their trunks were moist! Which seems quite obvious now.

    If I did it again, though, I think I’d visit a sanctuary instead. The elephants at the camp I visited were well cared for, but I still feel like they have a fairly boring life of walking pretty much the same path every day. At least they do really seem to enjoy interacting with humans. By the time I was leaving Phanom would give me a hug with her trunk when I came over to see her. Pretty awesome.

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    Ughh I think someone needs to take me to do this! Elephants are like my favorite animal :’)
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