2. You Know You’ve Made It When…

    You’re leaving the office and you pass a 7-foot tall guy wearing nothing but a robe and head-to-toe blue scales and you think, “tonight’s a sushi night.”

  3. For those of you that don’t know, which is everyone because I haven’t really told anyone yet, I have an Etsy store called Closed, Sir. And I’ve just made available the custom, hand-drawn & painted (in Photoshop) Christmas cards I sent out this year. There are only three bundles (with four cards each) available, so if you’re interested get them before they’re gone!

    Here’s the link:

  4. Pictures,

    Been up for 24 hours,

    Just got home after 11 months abroad,


  5. More Scottish countryside because it really is beautiful. This was on the island of Unst, the northern-most island in the UK (above the 60th parallel—think the BC/Yukon border). It has a population of 700, so it pretty much felt deserted while I was there.


  6. Holy $#!%, Batman!

    I wrote this post ages ago and stuck it in my drafts folder and forgot it existed, so that’s why you’re getting it now. Better late than never. Also it has nothing to do with Batman.

    China is now in my rear-view mirror (which don’t exist, consequently, in India), and even though it’s been almost three weeks since I left, there’s something that still bothers me about it. It probably has something to do with the constant presence and overwhelming control of their government, made manifest by the blatant censorship of any and all kinds of media. You know, something like that. I’d never really formed an opinion of Communism before visiting China. And maybe the whole censorship thing has nothing to do with Communism, except that it does in the way that it has allowed leaders to exploit their power to the detriment of the country. It does to the point where it allows leaders to crush any citizen or idea that goes against the party. To the point where movies will not be shown in the country if there’s anything against China in them. To the point where entire social networking sites will be blocked to stop dissemination of information. It’s the control of information that bothered me the most, because if you control knowledge, you can control people. And they will feel so helpless that they won’t even bother to fight back.

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  7. Some Scottish countryside for ya wee lads and lassies. This was in Lerwick, the biggest town on the biggest of the Shetland Isles (called the “mainland”—yeah, it gets confusing). Supposedly there are seals and otters there but I saw nary a one.


  8. Magical Travel Times #55

    On a 12-hour overnight ferry.

    Trying to sleep while sitting upright with lights glaring in your eyes.

    And sitting across from you, facing you, staring at you, is a crazy old man who talks to himself. And laughs at his own jokes.

    Really loudly.

  9. You darn kids!

  10. Found a herd of Shetland ponies while oot and aboot. They were super cute and really friendly; one in particular tried to eat my purse. Mmm, leather. They ended up walking with us for quite a ways, trotting at times to keep up. Because their little legs are so stubby! So flippin’ cute.

    On the Shetland island of Unst.